The Arkansas Razorbacks have been a beloved collegiate sports team since their start in 1894. The University of Arkansas’ flagship sports teams has garnered a reputation for their spirited enthusiasm and successes over the decades. From their humble beginnings in the early 1900s to their more recent appearances in the NCAA College Football Playoff National Championship, the Razorbacks have developed into one of the most well-respected college teams in the nation. The Razorbacks have a rich history that is filled with exciting victories, heartbreaking losses, and intriguing stories. Fans have been captivated by the team’s spirit and have proudly supported the Razorbacks for over 100 years. From their famous Hog Call to their iconic Razorback mascot, the Razorbacks have left a lasting impression on the college sports world.

Origins of the Razorbacks

The Razorbacks are named after the feral razorback hog that was native to the Central and Southern United States. The razorback is a stocky, aggressive wild pig that is commonly spotted in forests and swamps. Their name came at the suggestion of the football team’s captain in 1910. The captain, who was a senior at the time, thought it would be a good idea to name the team after the wild pigs that were prevalent around the campus. The captain suggested the name because the razorback is a fierce animal that is not easy to trap. He believed this was a great representation of a team that would not go down without a fight.

Early Successes of the Razorbacks

The first football team for the University of Arkansas was formed in 1894. They played against several collegiate teams during their first few seasons including the Arkansas Industrial University, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Missouri. The team won their first-ever football game against the University of Mississippi. They went on to win two more games that season by shutout. The following season the Razorbacks again won their first game, which was against the Texas Longhorns, by shutout. The Hogs have continued to build on this momentum and have been successful throughout the years. The Razorbacks have won 10 conference titles, including 3 in the SEC. The Razorbacks have appeared in 16 Bowl games and have also won 8 conference championships in basketball, along with another in baseball. 

Milestones in Razorback’s History

– First Razorback Game: The Razorbacks’ first game was played against the Southwest Missouri State Normal School on October 29, 1901. The Razorbacks ended up losing 22-33 to their fellow collegiate squad. – First Razorbacks Home Game: The Razorbacks’ first home game was played on October 6, 1901. The Razorbacks lost the game against the Southwest Missouri State Normal School. The next home game was played on October 27, 1901 against Rogers Horners, who the Razorbacks defeated 19-14. – First Razorbacks Win: The Razorbacks’ first victory was against Northeast Missouri State on November 3, 1901. The game ended 19-14. – First Razorbacks Shutout: The Razorbacks’ first shutout victory was against the University of Mississippi on November 10, 1901. – First Razorbacks Heisman Trophy Winner: The Razorbacks’ first Heisman trophy winner was Johnny Muckleroy. The award is given to the best college football player in the nation. Muckleroy won the award in the year 1926. – First Razorbacks Appearance in a Bowl Game: The Razorbacks’ first bowl appearance was in the 1935 Cotton Bowl Classic. They lost the game 7-13 against Cornell University

Famous Razorbacks Traditions

– The Hog Call: The Hog Call is the most famous Razorbacks tradition. The call is a series of groans followed by the word “Woo”. The call is used to rally the team on the field, during sporting events, and at other University of Arkansas events. – Pig Costume: Every year a Razorbacks’ mascot, or “Swine Ambassador”, is elected to represent the football team. The mascot dresses in a full pig costume during games and at other university events. The mascot is a popular attraction and has been a tradition since the 1980s.

Razorbacks Fanbase

The Razorbacks’ fanbase is made up of a diverse group of people. The University of Arkansas is the flagship university in the state of Arkansas. The state is a large football-crazed state and many fans come from within the state. Razorbacks fans have developed a reputation for being some of the most loyal fans in the country. The Razorbacks have a large following both inside and outside the state of Arkansas. Fans cheer for the Razorbacks at home, at tailgate parties, at stadiums, and online through social media.

Razorbacks in the NCAA College Football Playoff

The Razorbacks have appeared in the NCAA College Football Playoff twice. In their first appearance, the Razorbacks lost against the Clemson Tigers 31-13. In their second appearance, the Razorbacks again lost against the Clemson Tigers. This time the game ended 40-33 in Clemson’s favor. The Razorbacks are an exciting team that has always been one of the most passionate and spirited collegiate sports teams in the country. They have a rich history of success and many exciting moments in their past that have helped develop their reputation. The Razorbacks are a team worth rooting for and will continue to be successful in the years to come.

Recent Razorbacks Successes

– Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr – Mark Darr was elected Lieutenant Governor of the state of Arkansas in 2006. He was one of the best Razorback football players of all time. Darr played for the Razorbacks on the offensive line and was named an All-American in 1991. – Governor Asa Hutchinson – Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson played for the Razorbacks’ football team in the 1960s. He was also a walk-on player for the basketball team. He was awarded a basketball scholarship after his first year.


The Razorbacks have a long and rich history of success. The team has experienced great joy and heartbreaking sorrow. No matter what the outcome of their games has been, the Razorbacks have always fought hard for victory. Their storied history is filled with exciting games, memorable moments, and fascinating stories. From the Hog Call to their famous mascot, there is much to love about the Razorbacks. Their passion and spirit shine through in everything they do. Whether you are a long-time fan or if you are new to the Razorbacks, there is a lot to appreciate about this team.